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About TheCompany

Lustre is adesign agency that specializes in branding and website design. Our clients include Higherdose, Nori, Monday Swimwear, Bala, Dare to Roam by Ciara, The Webbys and more. Working at Lustre is like the best of Monday mornings and Friday afternoons combined - productive, energizing, kind of chill and there is always something to look forward to. We are a tight knit team that loves to collaborate and have fun while creating brands together. We believe inflexibility, normal working hours and a happy, supportive work environment. See what we’ve made at


Design websites, social media,email and presentation while maintaining existing design systems and brand guidelines.

Collaborate with Senior Designer on how to best execute engaging creative.

Design in Figma following best practice (ex: symbols) and keep files organized.

Proactively source inspiration on layouts and visual approaches.

Maintain clear communication with your team through calls, Slack and Asana.

We’re Looking For Someone Who

Is a visual designer with 2+ years of experience designing eCommerce websites, social media and email; usingFigma, XD or Sketch.

Has a portfolio that demonstrates good capabilities with layouts and bringing brands to life through visually appealing websites, social media and email designs.

Has the ability to design in a range of styles, pays close attention to detail and is proactive.

Enjoys working remotely; if located in NYC, we would love for you to come into the office 4x per month for brainstorms, project briefs or to work from here when you please; if you are not located nearby we can do all of this over video calls.

A's To YourQ's

What type of direction will I receive? You will have the level of support you need when you need it - and it's a bit different for everyone. To start you will have the support of our Creative Director and Brand Designer - who are going to show you the ropes, brief you on projects and assist you from a strategic and design perspective -they are great teachers, phenomenal teammates and a total pleasure to work with.

I'm proficient in XD or Sketch, but not Figma specifically, is that ok? As long as you are down to transition to Figma that’s fine with us given how similar they are.

How do I communicate with team members? However you want. We have a standing weekly call to go over scheduling, handle a lot of communications via Asana and have video / old fashioned calls as needed. We also have project specific calls or meetings that typically begin with an internal briefing and pre-kick off brainstorm session.

Who do I work with on a daily basis? You will primarily work with our Senior Designer as well as our Creative Director and Director of Strategy.

Where do I work from? Remotely (we provide provide a coworking stipend). We currently have a gorgeous homebase at SohoWorks by Soho House in Meatpacking that we would love to use to meet about 4x per month as a team however this is not required if you do not live in the NYC area. Tbh, we really miss working together in person so at some point we would love for the NYC team to work out of this space 2x per week but there is no immediate plan to do so.

When do I work? You must be able to work during normal business hours Monday - Friday. We are very organized and take work/life balance seriously. We are major fans of breathing room and understand that it leads to happier, more creative designers.

What does this j-o-b pay? Salary is competitive and commensurates with creative capabilities and experience. We’re open to taking a leap of faith on talent with high potential and also open to hiring a more seasoned applicant.

Benefits? 28 days of paid time off(14 holidays + 14 vacation / personal). Health benefits. Coworking stipend or membership to Soho Works. Quarterly training and learning opportunities. Annual team offsite. Gifts and goodies that align with research and clients (Balabangles, skincare products, tequila, etc.). A positive, inspiring work experience - we believe in flexibility, normal working hours and a happy, supportive work environment.

About The People

The Lustre team is something special and extremely important to our business. Lauren leads the biz, Zoe oversees all clients and Julia is a design wiz - they work hard, are kind, super motivated and will always have your back. Your other pals will include creative assistants, designers, copywriters and web developers. Our clients are absolutely wonderful and we take great care of them!

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